Products and services

Products and services

Two is Bisley's innovation arm and the home for great workplace technology. We’re developing a portfolio of intelligent and proactive technologies to identify and solve problems, and improve your environment's performance.

Two location services (TLS)

Imagine if your WiFi could improve user experience. Or enhance the efficiency of your work spaces. Or enable better cost control and revenue management.

Two (Technology at Work) can achieve all of this using our unique HD WiFi and real-time location services technology.

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Introducing Evaclite: New, intelligent and adaptive emergency exit signage that’s proven to deliver faster, safer and smarter evacuations.

Evaclite evacuates people to the safest available or nearest exits, with reduced decision times and faster egress speed.

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Workhorse is productivity software that manages your data and core business activities, so you can focus on business growth and customer care.

Workhorse works like you do, is tailored to your needs, and is developed with you so you can run your business how you want.

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