Case studies

Case studies

View our range of case studies for Two Location Services (TLS).
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The ship

On a multi-level cruise ship, designers originally had little empirical data upon which to base their plans. We installed TLS throughout
 the vessel, enabling designers – now equipped with a full year of location and movement data – to analyse and improve performance. They increased space in the most commonly used areas, raised revenue by building more cabins in under-utilised space, and improved guest experiences by monitoring which entertainment acts had the best attendance, amending schedules in response to demand.

The showroom

TLS was installed throughout a brand-new, state-of-the-art 4,600ft2 showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell, London, to understand its usage and deliver a truly seamless experience for WiFi users. As customers approach, the team is alerted, and a meet-and-greet service initiates. Customers are given access to market-leading HD WiFi, while their attendance and movement data is collated in real-time. The resultant analytics provided a range of insights about these customers: how they are using the space and the areas of greatest interest. These insights have helped to continuously optimise the space in line with customers’ needs.

The store

TLS was deployed to record footfall, dwell time and customer routes in a 55,000m2 shopping mall with 2 floors, 7 entrances and 110 stores. Initial data for one specific department store within the mall showed that only 37% of all mall visitors actually entered it. Applying our TLS data, we profiled the store’s visitors and their movements, which enabled staffing, promotions and signage to be tailored to suit. Direct store visitors more than doubled within a month, while costs were significantly reduced.